No More Fees LLC Ratings and Reviews: Check It Before You Exit Your Timeshare

If you’re looking for a way to transfer or cancel your timeshare, you may have come across the company No More Timeshare Fees LLC. The company says it helps customers exit from their timeshare contracts. Continue reading to learn what real customers have to say about the business and whether you should trust them to remedy your timeshare problems.

Who It No More Fees LLC and What Does It Do?

No More Fees LLC is a timeshare exit and transfer company located in Waunakee, Wisconsin. The company has been involved in timeshares since 2012 and is owned and operated by Clyde Masten. 

The company states that they are not lawyers and do not give legal advice. While not always a deal-breaker, working with a timeshare exit company that utilizes lawyers usually results in better success rates. According to reviews, the transfer process usually takes 4-12 months for customers trying to move their timeshares. Reselling timeshares can be difficult, which makes the cancellation or transfer process typically more appealing for consumers, though before you make a decision on whether to resell it’s important to research what your timeshare is worth

The No More Fees website states that if your timeshare is paid off, they will do a legal transfer of your timeshare to stop your fees. However, it is unclear what the company is doing to “transfer” your timeshare. If the company is simply transferring the timeshare back to the resort from which you bought it, utilizing No More Fees’ service could be a waste of your time and money. There are a few ways for you to legally get rid of your timeshare, including calling your resort personally to ask if they will take it back. If your resort refuses to work with you, then the service No More Fees offers might be worth considering, but they only act as a middleman in this case, when typically you can take care of this issue yourself.

No More Fees won’t necessarily turn away customers who owe a mortgage on their timeshare. That said, the company will only attempt to cancel the timeshare if you feel you were deceived when you bought it.

No More Fees LLC Timeshare Exit Costs

No More Fees offers a free consultation for those looking to exit their timeshare contract. It’s not clear whether this refers only to customers trying to cancel their timeshare. Does it also apply to those trying to transfer as well? It’s unclear. After the consultation, the company charges an undisclosed amount of upfront fees for its services. While the amount they charge isn’t listed, it seems the total cost will depend on your specific timeshare scenario. This is not uncommon in the timeshare exit industry.

Can You Trust No More Fees LLC?

We would urge caution when it comes to trusting No More Fees. The business is currently under review on BBB for a pattern of complaints about their services, specifically that customers have paid the company to help them get out of their timeshare agreement and they have not received assistance.

The company holds an F rating on BBB, with the change from an A rating coming over the last two years. BBB requested additional references for No More Fees other than the testimonials on their website. They have yet to be provided with additional references.

What’s Good About No More Fees LLC?

No More Fees features dozens of testimonials directly on their site, which could be from genuine, satisfied customers. The company is small, something it prides itself on and something customers may appreciate as you’ll likely work with just a small number of people. 

What’s Bad About No More Fees LLC?

The company’s transfer service might be a waste of your time and money, as it could be a process you simply do on your own. No More Fees also has many customer complaints about their services and they are currently under review from the BBB due to this.

Lawsuits Against No More Fees LLC

The company doesn’t have any pending lawsuits, however, they are under review by the BBB due to a multitude of complaints about their services being a scam.

Online Reputation

On their website, No More Fees has a testimonials page filled with dozens of customer reviews emailed directly to the company. While anyone could write these testimonials, the reviews state their satisfaction with the company and that they were able to get out of their timeshares in about 4-9 months. The handful of video reviews, which are harder to fake, are also positive toward No More Fees and the service they provided. Check out the testimonials for yourself. 

The company holds a 4.8/5 rating from 20 reviews on BBB, however, their page is littered with complaints from the last two years. Most of these complaints have been unanswered by No More Fees, with the majority of them complaining about getting scammed out of money. They typically state that they sent payment to No More Fees for them to manage a timeshare exit, which they never did. Customers then state it’s practically impossible to get in contact with Masten or the company. Below are a few of the complaints:

It’s worth noting that like the above review, a few dissatisfied customers paid through Zelle, Facebook and ApplePay. One cited his ApplePay account being shut down due to concerns of fraudulent activity. Before you commit to any recurring payment, please make sure there are security measures in place and that you have purchase protection in case of fraud.

Here are a few other complaints:

No More Fees LLC’s Website

No More Fees’ website is personalized around the company owner, Clyde Masten. The home page features a video of Masten detailing what his company offers. The about page and gallery page on the site feature backstory and images of Masten and his family. There is an entire page dedicated to testimonials with dozens of email reviews and a handful of video reviews.

It’s hard to tell whether the reviews are genuine customers or fakes — a few of the BBB complaints like the one above question their validity — but most of the website testimonials thank No More Fees for their assistance in getting them out of their timeshare.

Social Media Presence

No More Fees has a Facebook page but it hasn’t had activity since May 2020. Other than Facebook, they don’t have a social media presence on the web. Their old posts have minimal engagement from customers. Clyde Masten does, however, promote his “Voice of Elvis” Facebook page on the No More Fees website, and it is regularly updated.

The Bottom Line

Despite the dozens of positive testimonials on No More Fees’ website, the company has received numerous complaints about being a scam over the last two years. Their BBB profile is littered with complaints from dissatisfied customers who paid the company to perform their timeshare exit services, which they appear not to have done. While we can’t definitively say this company is a scam, we recommend looking for other timeshare exit companies to help you leave your timeshare. This list of our top recommendations is a good place to start.


Who owns No More Fees LLC? 

Clyde Masten is the owner of the company. 

Where is No More Fees LLC Located?

The company is located in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

How is No More Fees LLC Rated Online?

No More Fees has a mixed online reputation. That said, they are currently under review on BBB for a pattern of negative complaints.

What Days/Hours is No More Fees LLC Open?

No More Fees has office hours 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

Does AARP (or any Other Big Group) Endorse No More Fees LLC?

No More Fees LLC does not have any significant endorsements.

What is the Contact Information for No More Fees LLC?

To contact No More Fees, fill out the contact form on their website and they will call you at your preferred time. Their website claims they try to get back to you the same day unless it is later in the evening.

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