Want Free Food? 45 Best Restaurant Apps to Download Right Now

Inflation keeps pushing food prices higher, and we’re all looking for a deal. There are plenty available right now. Practically all of your favorite restaurants have apps now that offer free food just for signing up, plus they will also give you exclusive rewards, allow you to accrue points with purchases and send you birthday treats. These 45 restaurant apps and loyalty programs will give you free food right now.

Get Exclusive Offers Through Restaurant Apps

Many restaurants offer a freebie or exclusive offers for app users. Offers change all the time, so check the restaurant’s app periodically. Sometimes you can get a free meal, a free drink or other perks. Other apps offer rewards programs or loyalty points that you can redeem. It’s impossible to list all of them, but here are the 45 best that offer free food or discounts for signing up and using the apps.

Pro tip: Some offers are only valid on your first purchase, but others will offer free food or discounts just for regularly using the app. All of the following apps are available to download via the App Store or Google Play Store. To sign up for most of these apps, all you need is either an email address or phone number.

12 Best Fast Food Apps For Free Food


The food app for the Golden Arches comes with a large order of French fries when you download it. The app also enables you to earn points on every order that you can use to redeem free McDonald’s. You’ll get access to exclusive daily deals and receive a free order of hash browns, vanilla cone, McChicken or Cheeseburger after your first order.

You can link your credit or debit card to the app and earn 1,500 bonus points on your first payment.

Download the app here for either Apple (iOs) or Android.

Burger King

Burger King’s app allows you to earn 10 “crowns” for every $1 you spend there. You can use these crowns to redeem eligible menu items. Users also get a free upsize of fries, drink, hash browns, or coffee per order once per day.

There’s also a birthday bonus where for the entire month of your birthday you earn 2x crowns on transactions. The app will have exclusive rewards and challenges that rotate throughout the year.

New users are eligible for a free Whopper, Croissan’wich, or Original Chicken Sandwich when they spend $3. Sign up here to create an account.


Chick-Fil-A’s free food app, Chick-fil-A One, is a tiered rewards program that enables users to redeem points for qualified menu items and rewards. $1 = 10-13 points depending on your tier level.

Certain rewards include access to backstage tours at the Chick-fil-A home office, the ability to use your points to give rewards to friends and family, and a birthday reward during your birth month.

Click here to sign up.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s app has a reward system that enables you to earn 10 points for every qualifying $1 spent. Members earn a new reward with every 250 points earned. Members can also complete challenges to get rewards faster and you’ll be the first to know about exclusive deals.

Download the app — and get your first reward — for iPhone here and in the Google Play store here.


The Sonic app offers members half-priced drinks and slushies all day when they order through the app. Users can also get half-priced Sonic cheeseburgers every Tuesday after 5 pm when orders are completed through the app. The app features exclusive deals that rotate frequently.

Click here to download the Sonic app.


By downloading the app and joining Wendy’s Rewards, you’ll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend at the restaurant. Mobile orders earn points automatically while with drive-thru or in person orders, you’ll need to make sure you get your card scanned.

What you can redeem with your points changes, but currently it starts with a small Frosty at 150 points and goes all the way to a Baconator at 700 points.

Click here to sign up and download the app.

Jack in the Box

You’ll get a 25% off coupon when you download the Jack in the Box app. In addition, you earn one point for each $1 spent through the app. At 40 points. You’ll also get in-app coupons.

Download the app here for Android and here for iPhone.


The Whataburger app grants customers free food or beverage after five orders. You can choose between a free honey butter chicken biscuit, taquito, cinnamon roll, 16 oz. shake, medium fry, medium drink, or medium onion rings. In addition, members are also offered periodic discounts, like a free small shake or a double-meat Whataburger with any meal purchase.

Click here to sign up for the program. Click here to download the app for iPhone and here for Android.

Carl’s Jr.

Download the My Rewards app and new members will get a free sandwich with $1 purchase. Free sandwich options are:

  • Western Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Famous Star
  • Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Members earn 10 Stars for every $1 spent automatically on every order through the app or web, and there are opportunities to win bonus stars to earn free food faster.

Sign up here.


If you join the A&W Mug Club, you’ll get a free root beer float on your birthday, and also get exclusive discounts and coupons.

Sign up here.


Arby’s offers free small fries once a week for rewards program members. You’ll also get 25% off your first order and various discounts (like $5 off a $20 purchase) and a free birthday treat.

Sign up here.

Steak ‘n Shake

New users to the Steak ‘n Shake app get a free milkshake when they sign up and then $5 off for every $50 spent. Members will also be sent exclusive deals via the app.

Click here to sign up for the rewards program and download the app.

9 Best Apps for Free Coffee or a Treat

Krispy Kreme

The Krispy Kreme app has a rewards program where you earn a credit with every purchase. After your 12th purchase, you get a doughnut for free. The rewards system lets you redeem credits for free doughnuts, dozens or coffee and it comes with a free doughnut when you sign up. When making an online order, you can customize your own box with a dozen of your favorite doughnuts.

There’s also the “Hot Light” feature on the app that tells you exactly when hot, fresh doughnuts are coming off the line, so you can time your arrival perfectly.

Click here to sign up.

Panera Bread

Join MyPanera and score a free pastry, sweet treat or bagel with any purchase. Plus, enjoy $0 delivery fees for the first 30 days. New MyPanera members receive exclusive rewards and special surprises, usually including a birthday treat.

In addition, Panera offers a monthly subscription service called the “Unlimited Sip Club,” which costs $10.99 a month, but you can get your first month free for signing up. The club’s main perks are that you can redeem your cup for free once every 2 hours with a drink of your choice, including coffee, charged lemonades, teas and soda. You’ll also benefit from free refills while in the cafe.

Click here to sign up for MyPanera and here to sign up for a free trial of the Unlimited Sip Club.


The Starbucks Rewards app awards stars with each purchase. When users pay as they go, they earn one star per dollar spent. When they preload money onto the app, users earn two stars per dollar.

App users earn redeemable rewards once they hit 25, 50, 150, 200 and 400 stars. Users can also complete challenges to earn stars faster. In addition, you’ll get a free birthday beverage as long as you’ve made a Starbucks purchase using your rewards account information within the past year.

Click here to create an account. Click here to download the Starbucks app.

Dairy Queen

The DQ app enables users to earn points which you can redeem for qualifying menu items. You also get access to weekly deals that can save you money on your favorite orders.

Click here to download the app and learn more.

Dunkin Donuts

The Dunkin app comes with “DD Perks” which grant users five points for every $1 spent. Every 200 points you qualify for a free beverage of your choice. The app also has exclusive bonus point offers periodically.

Members can order directly through the app or can have their account scanned during checkout to ensure they get points every order.

Click here to sign up, and click here to download the mobile app.

Baskin Robbins

The Baskin Robbins app grants new members a free regular scoop of ice cream after you download and sign up for mobile deals. The app also comes with early access to the latest updates, coupons and deals. 

Users can customize an ice cream cake or Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat directly in the app.

Click here to sign up and here to download the mobile app.

Jamba Juice

The free food app for Jamba Juice has a rewards program where $1 = one point that you can redeem for smoothies or food items. New users will earn 50% off any smoothie when they sign up. Rewards members can benefit from 3x points on iced beverages Monday through Friday before 11 am at participating locations.

Customers also get 50% off one food item during their first return visit to Jamba Juice. Users receive a free birthday smoothie once they spend $15 at the restaurant.

Click here to sign up, then download the iPhone app here or the Android app here.

Tropical Smoothie Co.

Download the Tropic Rewards app and get a free smoothie, plus you’ll earn 10 points for every dollar spent, and a free birthday treat. You can also invite your friends to join. When they sign up and spend $5, you’ll get a free smoothie.

Download the app here.

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Register for Andy’s Yum Squad program and get a free cone after your first visit, and earn points with every purchase for more free treats.

Download the app here.

22 Best Casual Dining Apps that Offer Free Food


The Applebee’s app comes with a rewards plan called the Most Valuable Neighbors program. The app allows you to easily find Applebees locations near you, offers exclusive deals like free appetizers, and sends you coupons to use on a weekly basis.

Sign up for Club Applebee’s (and receive a welcome offer) here. Download the app for iPhone here and for Android here.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wing’s app allows you to “join the herd” and become a member of their “Blazin’ Rewards” program, where you can earn points that you can redeem for free food. Users get free birthday wings during their birth month, access to exclusive deals and the potential to win tickets to sporting events.

The app also allows you to participate in free-to-play sports gaming.

Sign up for Blazin’ Rewards here, and download the app for iPhone here and for Android here.


The Chipotle app comes with a rewards program that awards you 10 points for every $1 spent in the restaurant, in the app, or online. Users get free chips and guac after their first purchase as a member. 

The app offers a birthday reward and you can redeem your points for free sides, a free burrito or for Chipotle swag.

Click here to join Chipotle Rewards and download the app.

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s “Freaky Fast” Rewards grants users a free sandwich after your first order. Every order brings you closer to your next reward, which ranges from sides to full sandwiches and more. According to the business, members may earn a surprise reward on their birthday.

Click here to sign up, and download the iPhone app here or Android app here.

Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh’s app comes with Club Baja Rewards where $1 = one point and at 100 points it is instantly transferred to a $10 reward. New users get 50 bonus points when they register. 

Members also receive updates, exclusive offers and a birthday reward sent to you seven days before your birthday.

Click here to sign up and here to download the app.

TGI Friday

The TGI Friday Rewards program available on their app grants users one point for every $1 spent, with redeemable rewards starting at 30 points. Members will get a free dessert with entree purchase on their birthday and can earn 10 points for referring a friend. You’ll also gain access to exclusive offers before anyone else.

Click here to sign up for an account and here to download the app.


When users order in the Quizno’s app, they get one point for every $1 spent, which they can redeem for coupons and food. At 25 points members get 15% off their order of $10 or more. 100 points grants users a free 12” sub.

Just for signing up you can receive $5 off your first app order. For a birthday reward, you’ll get a free 8” sub when you buy an 8” sub. Members can also invite a friend and get a free 8” sub when they sign up for the Quizno’s app.

Click here to sign up and download the app.

Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s app comes with “MyMike’s” rewards where users earn points that they can redeem for subs. Members can redeem a free mini sub at 48 points, a free regular sub or wrap at 72 points, and a free giant sub at 144 points. If you join the restaurant’s email club, you’ll get a free birthday sub every year.

Click here to sign up and download the app.

Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos app has a simplified “Taco Junkies” rewards system where with every purchase, you’re closer to your next reward. There are no points to track as the restaurant takes care of that process for you. However, you will get a notification when you’ve unlocked a reward. When you join the program, you get a half queso and chips for free on your next visit.

Click here to sign up and download the app.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Rewards app enables users to earn 2 points for every $1 spent which they can redeem for free breadsticks, pizza, and boneless wings. Members can start earning free food with as little as 75 points. You’ll also get a free surprise birthday reward.

Click here to sign up and download the app.

Mod Pizza

You can earn one point for every $1 spent when you upload your receipt to the MOD Rewards app within seven days of your purchase. They’ll start you off with a 75 point sign-up bonus.

Once you accrue 150 points, you can redeem the points for a free menu item. You have to use them within 60 days or the points will expire.

Download the app for iPhone here or for Android here.

Red Lobster

With My Red Lobster Rewards, $1 equals one point. You can order at RedLobster.com, in the app, or at your local Red Lobster. You’ll get 75 points when you enroll, which is more than halfway to your first reward. Redemptions start at 125 points.

My Red Lobster Rewards members also get special benefits – coupons, special offers, a birthday reward and ‒ once you become a Platinum member ‒ double points for to go orders.

Download the app for iPhone here and for Android here.

Noodles & Co.

Join Noodles Rewards and get a free regular entrée after your first purchase through your account. You’ll also get a free birthday gift.
For a limited time, rewards members can try lower carb “LEANguini” Rosa for 750 points.

Sign up here.

Papa Murphy’s

Join the MySLICE program and earn credit for each qualifying visit by signing into your account during online ordering or by entering your phone number on the in-store payment device. You’ll unlock purchase-based rewards tailored to you and your favorite items. You will get free items, birthday pizza, order discounts and other exclusive rewards.

If you’ve made a qualifying visit at least 180 days prior to your birthday, a free regular pizza (up to $16) will be added to your account on your birthday. You’ll have seven days to redeem the offer.

Sign up here.

P.F. Chang’s

The upscale Asian chain now has a two-tiered rewards program. The Gold program is free and earns 10 points for every dollar spent. At 1,500 points you’ll get a reward of $15 off. You’ll also get a free birthday dessert once a year. The Platinum program costs $6.99 per month and earns 20 points per dollar. It offers the same rewards as the Gold program, but Platinum members also get unlimited free delivery and priority reservations.

Sign up here.

Cafe Rio

My Rio Rewards allows you to earn points with every purchase. Every 100 points earned is good for $10 off. In addition, you’ll get special offers and a birthday reward.

Download the app here.

Au Bon Pain

Sign up for the Au Bon Pain eClub and get a free coffee and bakery item, plus valuable offers, a free birthday lunch and an anniversary gift.

Sign up here.

Bahama Breeze

The Island Insiders eClub is a free program that will email members special offers and discounts.

Sign up here.

BJ’s Brewhouse

BJ’s Premier Rewards Plus program lets members earn one point for every dollar spent. Every 100 points earns a $10 reward.
You’ll also get exclusive offers, specials and a free birthday Pizookie for signing up.

Sign up here.


Download the app and earn points with every purchase. Redemptions include:

  • 50 points – free side or beverage
  • 75 points – free smoothie, breakfast entrée or kids’ meal
  • 100 points – free entrée

Additionally, B.GOOD Rewards will enable customers to unlock exclusive bonuses and features, such as:

  • Free side when you sign up
  • Free meal on your birthday
  • Early access to menu items
  • Double point days

Sign up here.


When you sign up for Bojangles’ E-Club, you’ll get exclusive offers, a coupon for a free half-gallon of iced tea with your first purchase after sign-up and a free Bo-Berry Biscuit (with purchase) on your birthday.

Sign up here.

Charley’s Philly Steaks

With Charley’s Rewards, you earn points on every dollar you spend. Points are then redeemed for free food. Plus, when you download the app, you’ll save $5 off your first order of $15 or more. Members will also get a free birthday treat and exclusive offers.

Android and iPhone users can both download the app here.

Want to get your free food delivered? Check out these hacks to get free stuff through delivery apps like UberEats, DoorDash, Instacart and more.

Other Apps That Offer Free Food

These other apps offer free food and rewards even though they aren’t your typical restaurant.


The 7-Eleven app comes with rewards that allow you to earn points (10 points for every $1 spent) on every purchase that you cash-in at checkout for a discount or use to redeem a menu item. Every 1000 points = $1 to use. You can earn bonus points by purchasing select products and members enjoy a free slurpee during their birthday month. There are rotating discounted food options such as buy 6 cups and get the 7th free.

Members can also take advantage of 7-Eleven wallet where you add your card to speed up the payment process while earning 5x points along the way. You can sign up for Fuel Savings as well and save $.11/gal on your first 7 trips.

Click here to sign up. Click here to download the app for iPhone and here for the Android app.

Hello Fresh 

Hello Fresh’s meal kits contain almost everything you need to create dinner at home. They offer meals for two people and four people. Cost per meal depends on which recipes you select and how many meals you choose per week, but run about $55 shipped for three meals for two people. The service offers tiered discounts to some users (50% off their first box and 35% off their next 3 boxes, for example) when ordering online or through the app. You can skip weeks if you don’t need three meals every week.

Click here to get a free box (that’s three free meals for two people) by signing up for a new membership, which can be canceled at any time, so there’s no commitment to buy anything.


From the company that produces HelloFresh, EveryPlate also offers meal preparation kits, but at a lower price point. The tradeoff is that they offer fewer menu options each week than HelloFresh, and more paid upgrades for premium meals. A box of three EveryPlate meals for two people usually costs about $45. You can cancel at any time, and skip weeks if nothing appeals to you.

Click here to sign up and get $120 off.


If your cooking skills aren’t quite up to Hello Fresh standards, Gobble offers gourmet meal options that are usually a bit faster and easier to prepare, and there is more menu variety. The trade-off is that the cost per meal on average is higher than other options. At full price, a box of three meals for two, counting shipping, costs about $72. Gobble’s meal kit service offers new users their first 6 meals for only $36. In the app, you can choose the meals you want and once delivered, you can get them cooked and ready to eat in 15 minutes. You can cancel at any time.

Click here to sign up.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays if you’re looking for the best deals at your favorite restaurants, the smartest thing you can do is download their apps. Just about every business has a rewards program that can grant you free or discounted food for your first order. On top of that, as you earn points with every order, you can redeem them for more free food or exclusive experiences. If you frequent any of the restaurants listed above, you should take advantage of their app immediately.


How Can I Get Free Food Delivery?

Many apps offer free delivery on your first order or if you order over a certain dollar amount. There also might be coupons or rewards points you could use to cover the delivery costs.

Can I Use Gift Cards to Pay When I Order Through a Restaurant App?

Yes you can, though for most apps, using your gift card means you won’t earn any reward points. Also, some restaurants won’t let you pay with gift cards unless the card covers the entire bill. In other words, you may not be able to use a $10 gift card on a $20 food purchase and split the charge between the gift card and a credit card. So be sure to check before you input your gift card information.

How Can I Save Money on Gas?

Some of the programs mentioned (7-Eleven, for example) include offers on gas purchases. In addition, many gas stations have their own rewards program where you can reduce the price you pay per gallon. Grocery chains will sometimes offer fuel purchases as an incentive to shop there, and membership warehouses like Costco and Sam’s Club offer fuel discounts to members. In addition, some stations offer a discount if you pay cash, and some credit cards offer extra cash-back bonuses on gas purchases.

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