Resort Legal Team Ratings and Reviews: Check It Before You Exit

If you’ve paid money to the Las Vegas-based Resort Legal Team but didn’t get results, it’s time to consult an attorney. The company has shut down.

The Nevada-based company cited difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the primary reason for the closure.

The company’s owner posted the following comment online as a response to negative comments from clients:

Our decision to close our business was a difficult one due to factors including COVID-19. To say that Resort Legal Team was run by crooks is an offensive opinion. Considering we have had ZERO communications from you since our notice of closure was sent out on November 22nd, this statement has no merit if you had any questions about anything with our company closing.

Albert Trevino

This response indicates that clients were unhappy with the lack of transparency from the company surrounding the closure.

One reviewer commented:
I have paid over $6000 to have my timeshare addressed & canceled. Did not receive info from resort legal on their closing & Have not received any info on status of my account. Didn’t know they closed until today, 24 Feb 23. It’s very sad when companies take your money, make promises & have no integrity.

Resort Legal Team transferred its client base to Timeshare Defense Attorneys and Tradebloc, Inc. There are also reports that another law firm that partnered with Resort Legal Team scammed clients out of their money. It’s unclear whether the transition has been successful.

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