2023 Tesla Statistics: What You Should Know About Safety, Pricing and More

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    In 2003, Elon Musk founded the California-based electric vehicle firm Tesla, which became one of the world's most well-known brands. A car is an expensive item, especially considering price inflation, where the oil is only increasing daily. So Tesla, as an eco-friendly hybrid car that does not need gas, offers many benefits to its customers.

    Credit Summit has compiled a list of helpful and interesting statistics and facts you need to know about Tesla.


    Key Takeaways

    • Tesla now manufactures four models: Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.
    • Tesla ranked 4th in the fastest growing brands worldwide in 2022.
    • Tesla's revenue for the year ending September 30, 2022, was $74.863 billion.
    • Approximately 254,700 Tesla automobiles were delivered to consumers in the second quarter of 2022.
    • The total number of Tesla employees in 2021 was 99,290.
    • Tesla's market value was $641 billion in 2021.

    Tesla Products

    Tesla now manufactures four models: Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. The original Tesla Roadster is no longer available for purchase. A second-generation Roadster, a semi-truck called the Cybertruck, is in the works at Tesla, and its release is anticipated in 2023.


    The Model S 100D is considered the world's longest-range all-electric production sedan

    The totally electric, four-door Model S sedan seats five adults and has a long-range and robust performance. The fastest-accelerating production electric vehicle on the market is its performance variant, which has a high-speed upgrade.

    The safest SUV available on the EV market is thought to be the Tesla Model X

    The Model X by Tesla Inc. is the most potent all-electric sport utility vehicle currently in production, with high-performance features such as an all-wheel drive twin-motor system driven entirely by electricity and an autopilot system. A fun fact about the Model X is that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra song "Wizards in Winter" can make it “dance”.

    The Model 3 offers a better battery capacity

    Tesla Inc.'s Model 3 is a third-generation electric car. Several variations are available, including performance, single motor, dual motor, medium-range, and long-range features. Tesla promises that the Model 3 battery will maintain 70% of its capacity for up to 120,000 miles of travel.

    Tesla's Model 3 has overtaken all other plug-in electric vehicle models in global sales

    Model 3 was produced in Q4 of 2021, making them the two most popular new models. It sold more than a million units worldwide as of June 2021.

    Global Tesla Statistics

    Tesla was the brand with the fastest global growth in 2021. Tesla ranked 4th in the fastest growing brands worldwide in 2022 and is one of the top 15 most valuable companies across all industries.

    Tesla's revenue keeps on increasing every year

    Tesla's annual revenue in 2019 was $24.578 billion, up 14.52% from the previous year. The year 2020 saw a 28.31% increase in Tesla's revenue to $31.536 billion from 2019. Tesla's revenue in 2021 was $53.823 billion, up 70.67% from the previous year. Tesla's revenue for the year ending September 30, 2022, was $74.863 billion, up 60.45% from the previous year.


    Tesla's annual deliveries marked a new record in 2022

    Just over 254,700 vehicles were delivered by Tesla in the second quarter of 2022. Comparing Q2 of 2022 to Q1, quarterly deliveries decreased by less than 18%. Nonetheless, deliveries exceeded the 310,000 unit mark between January and March 2022, setting a new brand record.

    More than 930,000 automobiles were produced by Tesla globally in 2021

    On August 2021, the Tesla Model 3 was China's second-most popular plug-in EV. Tesla's Model 3 had the most sales of plug-in EVs in Europe at the end of August 2021. More than 930,000 automobiles were produced by Tesla globally in 2021, an increase of nearly 420,000 from the year before.

    Model X and S deliveries increased significantly in the first quarter of 2022, while Model 3 and Y deliveries decreased

    Approximately 254,700 Tesla automobiles were delivered to consumers in the second quarter of 2022. Model X and S deliveries increased significantly, while Model 3 and Model Y deliveries decreased to over 238,500 units in the first quarter of 2022.

    Tesla has factories in three of the world's most powerful nations

    Six Tesla factories can be found in the U.S., China, and Germany.

    states tesla

    Since 2019, Tesla's employment has increased significantly

    Over 70,757 people worked full-time for Tesla and its affiliate firms worldwide in 2019. Since then, Tesla's employment has increased by roughly 50%. Tesla has added 22,741 new employees. The total number of Tesla employees in 2021 was 99,290. A U.S. Tesla employee receives an average salary of $97,298.


    The brand's network of quick chargers is called a Supercharger. In just 15 minutes, Superchargers can increase by up to 200 miles of range.

    A significant increase was seen in Supercharger sites by 2022

    Tesla owns and runs the world's largest global, rapid charging network, with over 35,000 Superchargers. They are situated close to practical conveniences on major roads.

    The global reach of Tesla's Supercharging network is growing quickly and achieving new milestones

    Currently, China has almost 50% more Superchargers than Europe. Tesla operates 800 Superchargers spread across Europe in early July. Globally, Tesla had over 3,700 Supercharging stations and over 33,600 individual stalls at the end of the first quarter of 2022.

    U.S. Tesla Statistics

    Tesla rules the EV market in the U.S. Tesla's market share in the U.S. car market in 2021 reached its highest point in September, rising to around 2.59%. However, if the electric vehicle (EV) industry in the United States alone is considered, Tesla is the market leader in terms of battery-electric vehicle sales. At the end of March 2021, Tesla's market value was $641 billion, more than six times what it was in March 2020, when it was only $96 billion. Regarding market capitalization, Tesla was far ahead of Toyota, which came in second.

    Tesla's numbers of all new EV registrations from January to June 2021 are noticeably lower than the previous year


    Tesla Customer Demographics

    The market for electric vehicles is rising significantly. Although the global auto industry declined in 2020, sales of electric vehicles increased to 3 million units, accounting for 4.1% of all auto sales. In 2021, these sales increased by more than twofold to 6.6 million in 2021, accounting for nearly 9% of the global auto market. EV prices will likely decrease over time as the industry expands and sales become more frequent and competitive. But for now, it might be difficult for the typical buyer to purchase one.

    Almost all Tesla Model S and X owners are also homeowners

    The average annual household income of Tesla Model X owners is $143,177. At the same time, the annual household income of Tesla Model 3 owners is $128,140. This shows that most of those who can buy one of these cars are in good financial standing.

    The average owner age of a Model X is older than the median age of the U.S. population

    The average owner age of a Model X owner is 52 years old, which is older than the 38-year-old median age for the U.S. population. Similarly, a Model 3 owner's median age is 46.

    Men own more Teslas than women

    Men own 71% of Model X cars, while women own 29%.
    Men own 77% of Model S cars, while women own 23%.
    Men own 84% of Model 3 vehicles, while women own 16%.

    tesla statistics men and female

    The Model X is now the most popular Tesla among female drivers, while male drivers prefer the Model 3

    Model 3 is the least well-liked among women, while Model S lags somewhat. Male drivers appear to believe the exact opposite. The most common Model is Model 3, followed by Model S and Model X.

    Vehicle Crashes

    For every 4.19 million kilometers driven during the first quarter of 2021, Tesla recorded one accident involving drivers using Autopilot.

    For those using the active safety systems while not using Autopilot, Tesla recorded one accident for every 2.05 million miles traveled. One accident for every 978 thousand miles traveled was recorded for drivers not using Autopilot or other active safety measures. On the contrary, a vehicle accident occurs in the United States every 484,000 miles.

    During the fourth quarter of 2021, Tesla recorded a crash involving Autopilot users for every 4.31 million miles traveled. The data shows one crash for every 1.59 million miles driven by drivers not using Autopilot technology. This shows a significant increase from the data collected from the first quarter.

    Tesla Deaths

    Over the previous ten years, the number of Tesla deaths rose by more than 2700%, totaling 320. Most victims are the drivers, with 1/3 (103) of Tesla drivers and 42 Tesla passengers dying in fatal crashes.

    Tesla accidents harm not only the Tesla driver, but also other vehicles

    Over 120 drivers and 37.5% of passengers died as a result of a Tesla accident. Unfortunately, cyclists and pedestrians are not safe either. Tesla accidents can be the reason for the death of up to 13% (42) of bicycles or pedestrians.

    Tesla Pricing

    The U.S. is currently offering a $7,500 tax credit to many EV buyers, with a price cap of $80,000. Model 3 and Model Y SUVs are eligible, along with some higher-end models. Prices listed here do not include this credit.

    The most affordable Tesla, the Model 3 has seen multiple price changes in the first two months of 2023. The standard range rear-wheel-drive trim starts at $42,990, and the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model 3 starts at $53,990. Fully loaded with extra features, the prices can increase up to $62,990 and $79,995 respectively.

    The Model Y is the second least expensive Tesla Model

    The Model Y started off 2023 with price cuts of up to $13,000.

    The Model Y’s dual-motor all-wheel-drive Long Range trim starts at a base price of $52,990 and can jump to $79,990 with all the added features. The Model Y Performance drivetrain starts at $58,890 and increases to $70,000 when souped up (without the seven seats).

    The Model S is more than twice as expensive then the Model 3

    The Dual Motor AWD Model S begins at $94,990 and can go as high as $114,990, including add-ons. The Tri-Motor Model S Plaid costs $114,990 with no upgrades, not even an exterior color. All in, the purchase price would be $138,990

    The Model X is the most expensive model of all four Tesla models

    The Model X Dual Motor AWD will cost you a base price of $109,990. It hits $140,000 with bonuses like 22″ Turbine wheels, a cream interior, and a $6,500 upcharge for a six-seat interior with captain’s chairs. If you prefer the seven-seat row, that will cost $3,000 less.
    Instead of the previous Performance trim, the new Plaid version of the Model X starts at $138,890 and tops out at $145,390. The highest prices include all the most expensive features.

    **All the prices above do not include the additional destination and document fees or federal or state tax credits.

    Tesla's stock split 3-for-1, and the price has been erratic

    In 2022, Tesla’s board approved a 3-for-1 stock split, which lowered the average price per share. Because of that, shares ended on Aug. 24, 2022, at $891 and began trading at roughly around $300 per share the next day, about two-thirds lower. Accounting for the split, Tesla's 52-week range includes a high of $384.29 and a low of $101.81 as of February 2023.

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