DebtHammer Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Ratings and More

DebtHammer’s mission is to help people who are overwhelmed by unsecured debts, such as payday loans, tribal loans, credit card bills, medical bills, or even private student loans.

The company works with clients who have serious debt issues and helps them find a solution. They offer several different tools to help you break out of debt and give your financial situation a reset.

DebtHammer: What You Need to Know

DebtHammer was founded in 2020 to help victims of payday loan debt. This tier of borrowers is often desperate, lacks financial knowledge, and is frequently overlooked by other debt-relief programs, often because they aren’t seen as profitable customers.

Since then, the company has expanded that mission and helps a broader array of borrowers find affordable installment loans or negotiate settlements to help them escape the high-interest debt trap.

DebtHammer places a high priority on listening to clients and understanding their situations. Many companies offer free initial consultations, but most treat them as sales opportunities. DebtHammer states that they do not pressure customers to use any particular strategy.

After reviewing your situation, the DebtHammer representative will offer you options. You will decide on the course of action you prefer. These options may include debt consolidation, debt settlement, bankruptcy or others.

DebtHammer at a Glance

Do they offer a free consultation?Yes
How to get startedCall, email, or use the contact form at
FeesFees are variable. DebtHammer fees depend on your state of residence, type of debt, and which program you select
How it worksYou will review your finances with DebtHammer’s team and they will recommend the plan that they feel works best for your personal financial situation
Who owns DebtHammer?Jake Hill, Founder & CEO
Contact information10900 Research Blvd. Ste 160C #1060 Austin, TX 78759
Phone: (512) 991-5303 
BBB rating4.27 out of 5
Trustpilot rating4.8 out of 5
Minimum total debt$7,500 in unsecured debts or $1,000 in payday loans
Noteworthy featuresEducation and transparency are staples of the company

What Makes DebtHammer Stand Out

Most debt relief companies specialize in a single debt relief strategy. When you contact them, they have a strong financial incentive to direct you to that option, even if it’s not right for you. The “counselor” you talk to could be a salesperson in a thin disguise.

DebtHammer avoids that by offering multiple debt relief options and coaching you through the entire consultation. 

Here’s a look at what DebtHammer offers.

Solutions for an Array of Debt Issues

DebtHammer has expanded beyond its initial focus on payday loans and now works with debtors facing many different types of debt problems, including the following:

  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • Medical bills
  • Debt in collections
  • Payday loans
  • Tribal loans

If you have a significant debt burden and don’t know how to manage your payments, you can always try a free consultation and see what they offer. There’s no commitment.

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Debt Consolidation Loans

Many consumers believe they can’t get a debt consolidation loan without good credit. This isn’t always the case.

DebtHammer maintains partnerships with lenders specializing in debt consolidation loans for borrowers with impaired credit. They can instantly check with 15+ lenders to see whether you’re eligible for a loan. Consolidation can simplify your payments and budgeting, plus reduce your interest rate.

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Debt Settlement

Debt settlement can be an effective way to reduce the amount that you owe and get creditors off your back.

Debt settlement can also be a minefield. Many debt settlement companies are scammy or dodgy. If not handled properly, debt settlement can harm your credit score, and you could face accelerated collection efforts — and even lawsuits.

DebtHammer works with you to settle your debts for substantially less than what you owe. This will take time, but it can be an effective way to put your debts permanently behind you.

DebtHammer will even provide access to legal representation if you need it.

Here’s an example of some of how DebtHammer’s consolidation and settlement services could help someone who has approximately $30,000 in unsecured debt:

Debt settlement Debt consolidationMaking minimum payments
Monthly payment:$408$676$729
Total repayment:$18,750$40,580$72,262
Debt-free in:48 months60 months100+ months
Interest rate:0%21%23% (or higher)
One-on-one expert help:YesYesNo

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Exemplary Customer Service

Customer service is DebtHammer’s leading competitive feature. The company’s founder and CEO, Jake Hill, says the team prides itself on offering reliable, professional, non-judgmental help for anyone who calls, no matter how bad their situation is or how they got into it. Customer reviews indicate that they deliver on that promise.

Unique and Unduplicated Blog Content

Getting out of debt and staying out of debt starts with building knowledge. The more you know about personal finance, the less likely you are to fall into the trap of high-interest debt.

DebtHammer offers an extensive library of clear, concise, relevant articles designed to help you understand the pros and cons of different debt relief solutions and keep yourself out of debt in the long run.

Bankruptcy Options

Nobody wants to file for bankruptcy, but it may be the only way out if you genuinely have no way to repay your debts. DebtHammer’s counselors will give you an honest, non-judgmental opinion on whether bankruptcy is right for you.

If you choose bankruptcy, you will need professional legal assistance. Still, DebtHammer can help you assess your alternatives so that you are well equipped to make the best decision for your financial situation.

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Willing to Work with Payday Loan Borrowers

While most debt relief companies require at least $10,000 in unsecured debt to enroll, DebtHammer works with clients who have at least $1,000 in payday loan debt. Here are some real examples of payday loan debts that were settled by DebtHammer:

Enrolled debtSettlement amount Settlement percentage

How to Sign Up

You can call (512) 991-5303 or click the “Get Started” button on the DebtHammer website.

To make the most of your free consultation, you will need a complete list of your debts, their interest rates and terms, and a summary of your income and household expenses.

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How Does DebtHammer Work?

DebtHammer follows a straightforward process.

  • You’ll start with a free consultation to review your situation.
  • The DebtHammer representative will explain a list of options for you to consider.
  • You select the option that you think best suits your situation.
  • You will receive advice and assistance until you reach your goal and become debt-free.

Fees will vary with the service selected, but all fees are disclosed upfront. Debt settlement fees will typically be between 15% and 27% of the amount settled and will not be charged until settlements are concluded.

DebtHammer offers payday loan solutions in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming.

If you have more than just payday loan debt, DebtHammer also offers solutions for people with other unsecured debts. Residents of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming are eligible. Some service options may not be available in all states.

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Is DebtHammer a Scam?

The debt relief industry is full of dodgy players and outright scams. If you’re in debt and looking for help, you should learn about debt relief and credit repair scams and be able to spot the warning signs.

DebtHammer is a relatively new company, but in the time it’s been operating, it has earned a solid reputation and generally excellent customer reviews. It is not a scam.

Pros and Cons

Every debt relief solution has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some to consider.


  • Free initial consultation
  • Strong customer reviews
  • Multiple debt relief options
  • Knowledgeable and caring team


  • Not available in all states
  • No mobile app
  • If you opt for debt settlement, your credit score may initially drop, and the IRS may consider the forgiven amount taxable income

The cons associated with debt settlement are common to any debt settlement process, whether DIY or through a debt settlement company.

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Who Should Consider DebtHammer

No debt relief company is right for everyone. Here are some signs that you might be a good fit with DebtHammer.

  • Your debts seem overwhelming
  • You feel like you’re never going to pay off your loans
  • You’re making payments on time, but your debts keep growing
  • Collectors are hounding you night and day

Pro tip: Remember that no debt relief company can work magic. It will take time if you want to get out of debt and stay out of debt. You probably didn’t build up your debt overnight, and you’ll need patience and diligence to make it through the debt relief process. Plus, for long-term success, after the program is complete, you must budget effectively, build an emergency fund, and get your spending under control.

Who Should Not Consider DebtHammer

Here are some signs that DebtHammer may not be the best option for you.

  • Your debts seem manageable
  • Your credit is good enough to qualify for a suitable debt consolidation loan on your own
  • You plan to take out a major loan soon, like a mortgage or car loan, you will want to avoid debt settlement
  • You live in a state where DebtHammer does not provide service

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Even if you aren’t sure you’re a fit, there’s nothing to lose from discussing your debt situation with them.

The Website

The DebtHammer website is simple and straightforward. The blog and statistics pages contain free educational materials for any site visitor. 

There’s a summary of what the company does and how it does it, a profile of the company and its owner, and a simple contact form if you want to start the process.

As with any debt relief company, you should pay attention to the terms of service and privacy policy. It’s always important to stay informed.

Is DebtHammer Trustworthy?

DebtHammer may require bank details and other personal information to provide you with services. This information is retained only for as long as necessary to provide your requested services.

Information may be provided to DebtHammer partners as required to perform the services you have agreed to receive. 

The privacy policy states that some contact information may be shared with partners “to offer you certain products, services, or promotions.” This is often a red flag, but we can find no indication of customers complaining of unreasonable marketing contacts.

Any time you provide personal information to an outside entity, there is some risk of it being compromised. We have found no record or complaint of the information supplied to DebtHammer being compromised, and the risk appears to be very low.

What Customers Say

Reviewers on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site give DebtHammer 4.27 of 5 stars from 22 reviews and an A+ rating. There are only a few complaints, most of which involve communication issues. They are very responsive to the BBB complaints.

Here is a typical review:

There are a few one-star reviews, and the company provided responses to explain why the problem arose. Most of them involve people who filled out a form requesting contact but used a fake phone number.

On Trustpilot, DebtHammer gets 4.8 out of 5 stars from 118 reviews, with 96% 5-star reviews and 3% 4-star. Reviewers consistently praise the company for its responsive and highly personalized customer service.

The Bottom Line

High-interest debt can seem inescapable. No matter how much you pay the balance never seems to go down, and the collectors are constantly breathing down your back.

Many debt relief companies claim they can help you escape that trap. Some even claim they can make it easy, which is usually a sign of a scam. DebtHammer is one company that honestly seems to be committed to giving you straight answers and realistic solutions. The solutions may be difficultlm≥≤÷, but they are prepared to work with you through the entire process.


How Can I Contact DebtHammer?

Call (512) 991-5303 or click the “Get Started” button on the DebtHammer website.

Which Types of Debts Will DebtHammer Settle?

DebtHammer specializes in payday loans, tribal loans, and credit card debt, but it can also work with most unsecured debts, including personal loans, medical debt and some student loan debts.

How Does DebtHammer Compare to Other Debt Settlement Companies?

DebtHammer offers several different debt relief solutions, including debt settlement. That means they aren’t incentivized to direct you to debt settlement even if it isn’t the right option for you. In fact, Credit Summit editors ranked DebtHammer the top pick when choosing the best debt relief companies.

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