About Credit Summit

Credit Summit is a website dedicated to exploring all financial products that can help individuals get out of poverty.

Lately consumer debt has become a problem in the United States. From payday loans, to credit cards, to student loans. Thus, we have decided to focus on consumer debts that tend to entrap people into an endless cycle. In order to combat these problems, we believe that education as it pertains to loan consolidation, credit counseling, debt settlement and loan refinancing is key.

The lenders don’t want individuals to know about these products for simple reasons: they make less money.

But we’ve made it our objective to educate individuals on the power of how small financial products can change their lives.

We make money by advertising and by referring customers to 3rd party credit counselors, banks, debt consolidation companies and other types of partners.

Credit Summit is not affiliated with the Microcredit Summit Campaign, Summit Credit Union, or The Credit Summit Event.

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