Go Away Timeshare Ratings and Reviews: Check It Before You Exit Your Timeshare

You bought a timeshare and now you want out of it. Can a timeshare exit company help you? Let’s take a close look at Go Away Timeshare to see if it does what it claims to do.

Who is Go Away Timeshare and What Do They Do?

Go Away Timeshare is based in Indiana and has been in business since 2010. JC and Linda Skidmore, the company’s owners, started it after going through a complicated exit process with their own timeshare and the timeshares owned by Linda’s mother.

According to the founders’ story, they purchased a timeshare in Orlando while on vacation there. The couple was wined and dined by the timeshare company and ultimately purchased a three-bedroom condo for $20,000. 

While they did use the timeshare for family vacations at first, as their children got older, they used it less and less. Eventually, they got to the point where they weren’t using it at all and their banked timeshare weeks were expiring. 

It was the death of Linda’s father that inspired the couple to finally unload their timeshare. Linda’s mother wanted to get rid of the two she owned, as well. The couple found that the process of getting rid of a timeshare was needlessly complex and full of scammers.

Both the couple and Linda’s mother ended up losing more than a thousand dollars to scam artists who promised to get them out of their obligations. 

The experience of getting rid of their timeshares also highlighted how little value the properties have. Charities wouldn’t even accept them as donations due to the ongoing cost of maintenance fees.

After stumbling upon a company that actually helped them get rid of their timeshares, the couple decided to set out to help other timeshare owners stuck in similar jams. They started Go Away Timeshare to show others what they can do to break free of their timeshare obligations.

The owners of Go Away Timeshare also seem to own Heartland Transfer, another timeshare exit company. The messaging on the two websites is nearly identical and the two companies share a Better Business Bureau page.

Go Away Timeshare claims that it has met and worked with countless people at the seminars it offers. It also says that the company has helped more than 32,000 timeshare owners. They do have a testimonials page on which several people have shared their positive experiences with the company.

The company is somewhat vague about the type of clients it works with. It says it has helped people who owned properties at 1,800 resorts, including the big names such as Disney, Hyatt and Wyndham.  

On its FAQ page, it mentions that it doesn’t work with all resorts, but it doesn’t provide a list of who it doesn’t work with. A potential client needs to reach out to Go Away Timeshare to see if they are eligible for its services or not.

Go Away Timeshare is also vague about whether it works with people who have a mortgage on their timeshare property. It states that its team of attorneys will help people with mortgages, provided they qualify for the service.

Go Away Timeshare Timeshare Exit Costs

Like many timeshare exit companies, Go Away Timeshare doesn’t provide a fee schedule or provide any hints as to how much it charges for its services. It does state that it won’t charge an upfront fee to timeshare owners to market or list their properties for sale. That makes sense, as the company isn’t in the business of reselling timeshares.

While there are several reviews of Go Away Timeshare online, none of them seem to mention how much the reviewer spent with the company or when they paid for services. Go Away Timeshare also makes no mention of a money-back guarantee or an escrow service on its website.

The company does offer a free consultation, which seems to be in the form of a video presentation.

Can You Trust Go Away Timeshare?

The internet is pretty quiet when it comes to Go Away Timeshare. The company doesn’t have its own Better Business Bureau (BBB) page but is instead listed under the page for Heartland Transfer. Both companies have the same address in Indiana and the same owners, so it’s not clear how separate they are.

Heartland Transfer has an A+ rating from the BBB and is BBB Accredited. It earned accreditation in 2012. 

The company earned the A+ rating based on its complaint history with the BBB, its time in business and its business practices. The BBB doesn’t use customer reviews when calculating a rating. 

To earn BBB accreditation, a company needs to be proactive about responding to complaints and needs to be honest and transparent in advertising and business practices. Reviews aren’t part of the accreditation process and the BBB also doesn’t evaluate the company’s product or service when issuing accreditation.  Companies pay for accreditation monitoring. 

There isn’t much else about Go Away Timeshare online that illuminates how trustworthy the company is or not. They don’t have a profile on Trustpilot or Yelp. There is a profile on Angi, but it’s very sparse and doesn’t include any reviews or details about the business.

What’s Good About Go Away Timeshare?

  • The owners have been where many timeshare owners are and understand the frustrations involved in trying to get rid of a timeshare obligation.
  • The company and its sister organization, Heartland Transfer, have an A+ BBB rating and a history of being responsive to customer complaints. 
  • It has a blog on its website that provides information about choosing a legitimate timeshare transfer company and how to avoid getting scammed. 

What’s Bad About Go Away Timeshare?

  • The company isn’t particularly upfront when it comes to what it does. Its FAQ page states that it specializes in transferring clients out of their timeshares and that it has a time of attorneys, closing companies and title companies to help it do so.
  • The company makes no mention of escrow or a money-back guarantee. It does say that people won’t pay an upfront fee but doesn’t specify its fee schedule, how much people might need to pay or when they’ll need to pay for its services.
  • The company’s internet presence is practically non-existent, beyond a website and a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated since 2018.

Online Reputation

While there aren’t many reviews of Go Away Timeshare online, there are several of Heartland Transfer on the BBB’s website. The most recent reviews all give the company five stars.

Thomas B writes:

Larry F writes:

And Ronald P says:

The most recent one-star review comes from Earl B, in March 2021:

When the company has gotten bad reviews or complaints on the BBB, it is quick to point out that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for it to operate.

For example:

Interestingly enough, the company does have a single, one-star review on its Facebook page, but the critique is of the company’s advertising process, not the services it provides.

Go Away Timeshare Website

Go Away Timeshare has a professional-looking website with an attention-grabbing logo on the top. The website is divided into several pages, including an FAQs page and a testimonials page.

Rather than have an “About” page, Go Away Timeshare has an “Owner’s Message.” On this page, the Skidmores share their own timeshare nightmare story and how their experience inspired them to start their own timeshare exit company. 

The FAQs page offers a few answers to questions people commonly ask but doesn’t get into details about what the company does or how it goes about helping people transfer their timeshares. The FAQs page doesn’t offer any details about the cost of the service or how long the process typically takes. 

The testimonials page contains eight reviews from clients identified by their first name and last initial. The content of the testimonials is generally positive and relatively vague. Most of the people are grateful to the company for its help and are happy to recommend Go Away Timeshare to others.

Potential clients who are interested in working with Go Away Timeshare are directed toward a “Contact Us” page, which has a form to fill out. After providing their contact information and the name of their timeshare resort, a potential client receives a link to a video that apparently walks them through the process Go Away Timeshare uses in greater detail.  

Social Media Presence

Go Away Timeshare’s social media is a ghost town. It doesn’t appear to use LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. The company has a Facebook page but it hasn’t been updated since 2018. 

The posts made to the Facebook page are pretty generic and sales-oriented and don’t provide visitors with much in the way of useable or valuable information. The page only has 278 followers.

A potential client is most likely better off calling Go Away Timeshare or using the Contact Us page on the company’s website to get in touch, rather than trying to connect through social media.

Go Away Timeshare’s lack of a social media presence might be due to the small size of the company than for nefarious reasons. The company seems like one of the more legitimate timeshare exit companies, thanks to its A+ BBB rating and accreditation. As with any company, though it’s a good idea to get the full details about how it works and how much you’ll have to pay before you decide to move forward.

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to draw many conclusions about Go Away Timeshare since there is little information available that’s specific to that company. There is much more information available about its parent company, Heartland Transfer. While the BBB rating and positive reviews seem to be a good sign, the lack of information tied to this particular company name and little social media presence indicates that you should take a close look before opting to do business with them.

If you’re still looking for a reputable exit company, check out our top recommendations.


Who owns Go Away Timeshare?

JC and Linda Skidmore own Go Away Timeshare. The couple started the company, and its parent organization, Heartland Transfer, after they had a challenging time selling their own timeshare.

Where is Go Away Timeshare located?

The offices of Go Away Timeshare are in Crown Point, Indiana.

How is Go Away Timeshare rated online?

Go Away Timeshare has a limited but largely positive online reputation. The company has less than 50 reviews in total, so it’s important to take them with a grain of salt and remember that you might not be getting the whole story from online reviewers.

What Days/Hours is Go Away Timeshare Open?

According to the company’s Google panel, it is open during standard business hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Does AARP (or any Other Big Group) Endorse Go Away Timeshare?

Go Away Timeshare doesn’t claim to be endorsed by the AARP or any other organization. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of the company in news articles or on the websites of financial experts.

What is the Contact Information for Go Away Timeshare?

Go Away Timeshare’s phone number is 877-414-4098. The company’s mailing address is 7580 E. 109th Avenue, Crown Point, IN, 46307.

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